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OnceDriven.com Guarantee

OnceDriven.com offers a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee to those who purchase our $189 service. This guarantee protects sellers in the event they sell the vehicle to a buyer not delivered by OnceDriven within 45 days of signing up with us. If you meet the following criteria and sell the vehicle before we do, you may request a refund.

To be eligible to request a refund:
 - Sellers must provide a photo within 14 calendar days of sign-up
 - Sellers must request the refund within the first 45 days of sign-up
 - Sellers must sell the vehicle to buyer not delivered by OnceDriven
 - Sellers must provide verification of sale of the vehicle   What is this?

Sellers who have met the above criteria will receive a refund of the purchase price ($189) minus a $29 processing fee. Requests may be made using our simple online form. If you choose not to request a refund, we will market your vehicle until sold, at no additional charge.

Answers to Common Questions

What must I provide for "verification of sale"?
Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and the last name of the person who purchased the vehicle (both are public record).

Why must I provide this?
The guarantee terms are based on whether the seller sells the vehicle before OnceDriven AND to someone not delivered by OnceDriven. We use this information to verify the sale & transfer of title for the sold vehicle using the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. The last name of the individual is required for cross-reference with our internal buyer-lead database.

Who are "buyers delivered by OnceDriven" ?
These are buyers that discovered your vehicle due to the marketing efforts of OnceDriven.com and its' team of representatives. This includes, but is not limited to, buyers who spoke with a representative within our company, buyers who contacted you after seeing your vehicle on OnceDriven.com, buyers who were notified via text, email or phone that your vehicle was listed for sale with our company.

When can I request a refund?
Sellers may request a refund at any time within 45 days of sign-up with OnceDriven, provided they sold their vehicle to a buyer not delivered by OnceDriven AND they provided a photo within 14 days of sign-up. In the event the vehicle is sold within the first 14 days, the photo requirement will be waived.

How is my refund processed?
All refund requests must first be validated to ensure all timelines have been met AND that you have supplied all of the appropriate information. We will then cross reference your VIN with your local Division of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent authority) and the buyer's last name with our buyer-lead database (the buyer-lead verification occurs instantly). Once we have verification of the sale of your vehicle, your refund will be processed.

What is the $29 processing fee?
A portion of every listing goes to advertising expenditures with Ad Partners such as Google, covers talk time with potential buyers, and offsets administrative expenses associated with each classified listing.

What if I don't sell my vehicle?
In the event that your vehicle is not sold within 45 days, you are no longer eligible for a refund; however, we do not stop working to sell your vehicle. We will continue to market your vehicle to our buyers and your online listing will remain active until your vehicle is sold.


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